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Man inside car after car accident in pain suffering with whiplash injury

Effective Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries can range from broken bones to PTSD and everything in between. At Lakes Chiropractic & Wellness, we’ve spent years studying the effect that auto accidents have on our patients and have developed the best ways to treat them.

In the days immediately following an auto accident, chiropractic care may seem completely unnecessary. You’re not in any pain and your car received only minor damage.

Adrenaline and shock can be very effective painkillers. It’s not uncommon for days or even weeks to go by before you begin to feel the painful after-effects of a car accident. Yet early intervention is the best way to treat accident injuries.

Once scar tissue has started to build up in an injured area, range of motion can become extremely limited–not to mention painful! And while a Tylenol might help you get through your day a little easier, it’s not going to actually promote healing.

Following a car crash, you might seek treatment from your general practitioner, but a car accident chiropractor can do much more toward treating neck pain, whiplash, and other types of injury.

In fact, because chiropractic care naturally treats the root cause of your pain, you also experience far fewer side effects and more effective relief.

Putting You On the Road to Recovery

While we can’t straighten out all the kinks in the road, Lakes Chiropractic & Wellness can help put you back on track.

We use an extremely effective treatment plan including chiropractic adjustments, electric stimulation, ultrasound, spinal decompression, massage therapy, and rehabilitation. 

We begin with an X-ray to take a look “under the hood” and see which areas of your body are not properly aligned or injured. Our doctors then develop a customized treatment plan that’s geared toward your specific injuries.

Along with massage therapy, chiropractic care can also reduce inflammation and avoid scar tissue.

It is vital to get good treatment from experienced doctors early on after your accident. Failure to do so can result in permanent soft tissue injury!

Chiropractor treating a patient's neck after a car accident

Get Treatment Quickly

Florida law requires you to seek treatment within 14 days of your accident for it to be covered by your car insurance, and we offer same- and next-day appointments to get your relief and peace of mind as soon as possible.

Don’t Wait to Treat Your Car Accident Injuries

By realigning the joints, a car accident chiropractor can relieve pressure on nerves, muscles, and other soft tissues that cause discomfort and pain.

Along with massage therapy, chiropractic care can also reduce inflammation and avoid scar tissue.

Early diagnosis and treatment is key in preventing chronic pain, decreased range of motion and scar tissue formation from further complicating your life down the road. 

Come in today and get treat for the most common car accident injuries:


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